Lawrence’s story part 4

10th December 2014

By this time Lawrence was in special school full time – although he enjoyed the facilities there he really missed the interaction with his friends. The special school was a 40 minute taxi journey away and he got very distressed on the journey nearly every day. Quite often he was not fit enough to go to school. The tube feeding was going well, but Lawrence’s stomach problems seemed as bad as ever and he would frequently cry after a feed. I began to explore pain relief and was given an appointment at the local hospital for September. On July 20th Lawrence started being sick again, and a couple of hours later I noticed that he appeared to be having a slight fit. This continued for several hours. We agreed that it looked likely that Lawrence was approaching the end of his life and that we did not want to take him to hospital. He continued vomiting and having fits throughout the night and all through the next day and night. On Friday 22nd July the district nurse came to see us and agreed that Lawrence was unlikely to survive. She then ‘phoned the surgery who sent a GP around. The GP was with us when Lawrence died at home at 6pm.