Stem cell transplant

10th December 2014

Christopher was a sweet loving 9 year old boy ,he was born in Scotland and immigrated with his family to California in 2001 ,on Jan 2004 we started noticing tics ,he was having problems at school ,finally after numerous visits to drs he was misdiagnosed with tourettes syndrome ,but we pushed for an mri and were devastated to discover our wonderfull child had ALD and the drs said there was no cure .We did not accept that and as a family we fought and on August this year Christopher was admitted to Duke hospital for a stem cell transplant .i wish i could say it went well but his disease progressed rapidly and within days he lost the ability to walk ,talk,eat.communicate we are hoping and praying that the transplant will bring back some of these functions ,but if any one is reading this and considering transplant i would say do it our kids deserve the chance we have to fight this disease and right now transplant is the only hope you can email me at any time i will help if i can let us hope one day our babies wont have to suffer from this terrible disease any more god bless