Crew allocation

Saturday, May 20th meant that Crew Allocation day had finally arrived and Jon would know his skipper and boat for the next 11 months. This is a big event for Clipper with around 500 of the 680 crew attending in person at Portsmouth Guildhall along with around 100 crew supporters. The event is also streamed across the internet for those not able to attend in person.


This event meant that the clipper race was becoming very real. The race starts in less than a month.

Linda and Jon slept on Songbird in Gosport the night before, and Saturday morning, they were up early reasonably bright eyed and bushy tailed to get to the event. All participants had all been asked to wear their crew jackets which are bright red and allow you not to get lost on a mountain and made it obvious who was heading to the Guildhall

Jon met the first crew member queuing for the Gosport ferry.  By the time Jon and Linda were on the ferry, there were 7 or 8 of us and our first picture opportunity. This included Nate one of the crew from level 3 training.


While it was great to meet other crew, it was even better to meet someone you knew and sailed with, giving a level of continuity and reassurance around the event.


Adapted from Jon’s blog –  to read more on his experience of his crew allocation please visit his website.


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ALD Life

Emory University is looking for families in Georgia with individuals who were diagnosed through newborn screening with ALD, as part of efforts to include ALD in the Georgia newborn screening panel. Participants would be speaking with Emory University via phone or email at their convenience. If you would like to give your input, please reach out to Dawn Laney with Emory University at or ‪404-778-8518‬. ...

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