Training – Week 2


The start of level 2 training was not at the Clipper marina but at a secondary school in deepest Gosport.

The reason for this was our group was to undergo sea safety training (which is an essential part of training even for the most experienced of sailors). This is split into two sections. The first a theory section (what to do if you have to abandon ship). The afternoon was a practical session.

The morning went well. Our instructor was ex Royal Navy and made the session relatively light hearted while still not pulling any punches in terms of what can happen in emergency situations. We learnt all about hydrostatic shock, survival methods in a life raft and rescue procedures. The key message was you step up into your life raft (i.e. once your boat is actually sinking beneath the waves – not before).

Adapted from Jon’s blog – to read more on his second week in training please visit his website here.