Training – Week 4 (final stage)


Having previously been moving with glacial speed, time seems to be speeding up as we get closer to leaving. Level 4, the last week of Clipper training, has now arrived. This is the week in which we bring all the other weeks of training together to simulate racing and living on the boat.


I was down to the boat a day early to carry out safety checks and help victual (store food and supplies). It was also a good chance to meet again with our skipper Andy Burns and a couple of the other crew I’d be sailing with.

After this was complete and we had dinner I slept on the Clipper boat overnight. Quite a spooky feeling being the only person aboard a boat designed for a crew of 20 plus. Luckily, as I was on my own and, therefore, I couldn’t split up to see what was making that creepy noise in the sail locker or the child’s laughter in the lazarette.

Next morning, we were fitted up with our foul weather gear, we queued up and were issued with the Gore-Tex suits. These are very much designed for the fuller figure (just as well in my case) and when not on seem to be voluminous in the extreme.

Adapted from Jon’s blog –  to read more on his experience of his last training session please visit his website.


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ALD Life

Emory University is looking for families in Georgia with individuals who were diagnosed through newborn screening with ALD, as part of efforts to include ALD in the Georgia newborn screening panel. Participants would be speaking with Emory University via phone or email at their convenience. If you would like to give your input, please reach out to Dawn Laney with Emory University at or ‪404-778-8518‬. ...

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