Exciting developments from Viking Therapeutics

9th October 2017


Viking Therapeutics have announced results from a Proof-of-Concept study for their drug VK0214 which may be effective in reducing levels of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids in ALD


Tim Brons, Executive Vice President of Viking, told ALD Life “This was an early experiment (not in humans) but seems to confirm that VK0214 is able to trigger a reduction in the markers believed to contribute to the toxicities in X-ALD (at least in animal models of the disease). 


The most important outcome is that these study results give enough of a potential signal for Viking to continue to develop the compound as a potential treatment. 


Viking is not yet at the point where it can evaluate the drug in humans but the company is working as hard as it can to get there.  Viking does plan to move forward with a study in X-ALD patients but this likely would not occur until the 2018 timeframe at the earliest.”