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Access to Work: Urge your MP to call on expansion to ‘Access to Work’

14th April 2015

Disabled women at work
Disability Rights UK have produced a report ‘Access to Long-term Unemployment – or Access to Work?’, finding that problems with access to work actually stops people working. You can read their report here: http://www.aldlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Access-to-Long-term-Unemployment-or-Access-to-Work.pdf

There is currently a large gap between desire for more disabled people to be able to work and support available to do so. Access to Work currently only serves 35,000 people a year in comparison to 3.3 million disabled people who are currently able to work in the UK.

Please urge your prospective parliamentary candidates to call on expansion to ‘Access to Work’. Disability Rights UK urge that two demands be made of candidates:
1. Commit to doubling the numbers getting access to work in 3 years without clamping down on disabled people who happen to have higher costs
2. Commit to providing effective Access to Work support for people with different impairments, in different types of employment and self-employment

You can find your local MP on ‘Write To Them’: https://www.writetothem.com. Do let us know how they respond:
E info@aldlife.org
A ALD Life, 45 Peckham High Street, London, SE15 5EB

Image: Pixgood.com