ALD-AMN Route Map: Coming down!

23rd March 2015


UPDATE: ALD-AMN Route Map has now been taken down. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

In 2011, we joined other patient support groups in taking part in Genetic Alliance UK’s Route Maps for Rare Conditions project. Since, we have become members of the Information Standard, demonstrating our commitment to producing good quality health and social care information.
Shortly, we will be publishing our Practical Information Leaflet series for patients and families with ALD and AMN. Last month, we also completed a redesign of our website to make information more accessible and use-friendly.  
Unfortunately, due to our commitment to producing good quality health and social care literature through our Practical Information Leaflets and new website – we will be taking down our ALD-AMN Route Map: ald-amn.infoWe hope our decision will help us to support you better with more accurate and reliable health and social care literature. 

However, if you have any complaints about our decision, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear your feedback.
Telephone: 0207 701 2628

Image: Dene’ Miles, Flickr


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Emory University is looking for families in Georgia with individuals who were diagnosed through newborn screening with ALD, as part of efforts to include ALD in the Georgia newborn screening panel. Participants would be speaking with Emory University via phone or email at their convenience. If you would like to give your input, please reach out to Dawn Laney with Emory University at or ‪404-778-8518‬. ...

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