Karen attends Bristol ALD clinic

19th May 2017

  Professor Colin Steward

Professor Colin Steward and Dr Andrew Lux, (Paediatric Neurologist) held their regular ALD Clinic on Tuesday 25th April. They asked me to attend to help support the families, this was the second time I had attended the clinic.

There were six families seen at the clinic, some were families who I didn’t know so I explained to them about how ALD Life could help to support them. I also told them about the Community Weekend which will be held in May 2018, as well as answering any questions that they had.

Several of the families I know very well so it was great to catch up with them and have a chat about any difficulties which they were currently having.

This is a fantastic clinic from both a medical and holistic point of view and it is so good for the families to meet each other. I helped by sitting in on the Consultations with the consent of the families which was helpful as I could help to answer the more holistic questions.

If you attend an ALD/AMN clinic and would like me to come along, please let me know. ALD Life would like to see more of these clinics across the country as patients have told us how valuable they are for them.

Karen Harrison

ALD Life Support Services Manager