Leg one of eight Jon Milne enters his fourteenth day at sea

4th September 2017

The last fourteen days for the GREAT Britain boat has been a real test of endurance, with one of the twelve racing boats having to divert off course due to a member of crew sustaining an injury.

The GREAT Britain boat is now in third place for the first leg of the race. Skipper for the boat Andy Burns has written a report on how their boat has been getting on so far:


‘For me personally, I want to do well but it’s not everything, so I’m trying to show the crew the changes we will have to make to remain competitive but leaving it up to them as a whole to decide which of those changes they are happy to make to hold position.’


Read his whole report on the Clipper website here.

If you would like to donate to Jon Milne’s fundraising initiative please go to his JustGiving website to donate here.


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