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Practical Information

AMN Physiotherapy session
Practical Information for Males with Symptomatic ALD (ALD Life)
Practical Information for Males with Asymptomatic ALD (ALD Life)
Practical Information for Men with AMN (ALD Life)
Practical Information for Women with AMN (ALD Life)
Practical Information for Female Carriers of ALD (ALD Life)

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Addison’s Disease: A guide for illness and emergencies (CAH is us)

Physiotherapy Presentation (Optimal Rehab/ALD Life)
Physiotherapy Exercises (Optimal Rehab/ALD Life)
What is ALD? Adrenoleukodystrophy explained (ALD Connect)
Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) Exercise Video (ALD Connect)


Thank you for your support! ...

We played a Mixed game against LSE today and had a 6-10 loss in a very well fought and fun match! Thank you LSE for being great opponents today! Also, as in the photos, we have all painted our faces the colours of Rare Disease Day which is upcoming on the 28th to show support for ALD Life, the charity who help patients and families of Adrenoleukodystrophy and Adrenomyeloneuropathy. Please help us to provide better awareness and find better treatments. You can help by raising awareness and taking part or donating by texting 'ALDL18 £5' to 70070. Or you can donate on Just Giving here - www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/aldlife/rarediseaseday2018 We want anyone and everyone to paint their faces and pass it along! Man of the Match: Aidan Women of the Match: Sarah, Pip, Jess, Amy #LUSL #Ultimate #Ultimatefrisbee #Outdoors #Outdoormixed #Rarediseaseday #warpaint #blueandwhitearmy #Stmarys #simmies #LSE #Beavers #Ostrich #HalfMatchMan #Substitutionsmatter

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