ALD Survey

10th December 2014

I am the mother of Sawyer Sherwood, whose story was posted here by my sister-in-law. I am the founder of the Fight ALD foundation am also a member of the Genetic Alliance and they are conducting a survey to learn more about genetic diseases. Please take the time to visit there website at and select Fight ALD as the organization you are associated with. I will post the data later on my website Thank you for your help. Janis Sherwood


17 hours ago

ALD Life

We are delighted to announce that on the 15th May 2019 ALD Life will become Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity (Alex TLC), able to support people with all Leukodystrophies, where no other support is available.

We’ll still be providing people with ALD and AMN the high-quality information, support, services and networks they already expect from us, but we want to help people with similar conditions and their families to have access to these too.

We will be sharing more information about the launch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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