Prayers for David

10th December 2014

My name is Andrea and I am the third (and only girl) of four children My older brother David was diagnosed with ALD in 1987 at age 14 following years of countless doctor visits and zero answers. After this news, my oldest brother Stephen, younger brother Scott and I were all tested for the devastating disease. I am now 30 years old, childless by choice, being forced to watch as my brother suffers from all the cruel effects that this rare disorder inflicts upon his body, mind, spirit and of course, our family. I am the only other carrier of ALD of the four of us which has created a very strong and indescribable bond between Daid and I. The disease has progressed steadily over the years and has left him completely disabled and is now spoon fed since he lost the last bit of control he had in his arms. He is currently in the hospital battling pneumonia among other complications that come with the territory. I am writing this because it is tearing me apart and leaving our family in a state of complete chaos, anger, sadness and, most importantly, feeling of helplessness as we watch David suffer. I don’t know what else to do and thought this would be the only forum where somebody reading this could even begin to understand. I wish I could trade places with David. It hurts me all over.