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    We’re working to make sure all endocrinologists in the UK start to test young males with idiopathic Addison’s disease for ALD…

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    Patience is what our families have in abundance – not because it’s a virtue but because they have no choice…

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Please read carefully!

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) and adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) are important potential underlying diseases to consider in boys and men with primary idiopathic (unexplained) adrenal failure/Addison’s Disease where adrenal antibodies cannot be detected and there is no other obvious cause of adrenal failure.

For more information, please visit our Link between ALD and Addison’s Disease Project page. CAH is us also have some practical information if you suffer from Addison’s disease.

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Could anything be worse than losing your child? That's exactly the feeling parents with a child with...

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ALD Diaries

ALD Diaries

update jesse made it to 17

jesse carljames lightfoot has now made it to 17 . what... read more



Petition your MP during the New Born Screening Awareness Week - PANS @savebabiesuk. Starts 7 September


Kim's Garden Transformation! (3 photos) ...

We recently gave a grant to service user Kim Stowe Who has AMN, and her son Danny who has ALD. Their garden had become too difficult to manage so Kim wanted it to be a safe, pleasant place for them both to enjoy and easy to maintain. She had already raised most of the money for their garden, and ALD Life gave her a grant towards the cost of the work. It’s looking lovely Kim!